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Restore — Don’t Replace!

ServiceMaster Rapid Response has expanded by adding a revolutionary soft-contents restoration technology! This system, known as the Esporta Wash System™, will enable us to restore 85% of damaged contents that are typically deemed irreparable and thrown out. All manner of sentimental articles that would typically be tossed out can now be restored, and we can provide much faster and simpler soft-contents claim settlements.

Items that can be restored include:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding, pillows, and stuffed animals
  • Leather (purses, shoes, coats, etc.)
  • Sports equipment and memorabilia (Jerseys, helmets, skates, cleats, etc.)
  • Delicate items such as wedding dresses, quilts, and ceramic dolls

The Esporta System

This Esporta system is capable of restoring smoke, soot, water, mold, and sewage damaged goods to better than pre-loss condition! According to independent laboratory tests, items are actually restored to "food grade cleanliness". The Esporta Wash System kills contaminants and ensures the highest level of hygiene with a patented process that kills 99.99% of the harmful bacteria that can be found in soft goods and equipment.

The benefits of the entire ServiceMaster system include a guaranteed, quick turnaround for residential and commercial property loss claims, on-site inventory of restorable, salvageable and non-restorable items, safe and secure control of customer's property, photo inventory and UPC bar code technology, and replacement pricing, among many others. Industry benefits include an average savings of more than 80 percent over replacing the same items. ServiceMaster Rapid Response serves customers in Southwest Kansas and provides complete restoration and mitigation services with full-time, highly-trained employees on a 24/7/365 emergency schedule.

The Esporta system is patented. There is clean, ultra-clean, and food-grade clean. The Esporta system's patented process reaches the "food-grade" level. Before and after photos are real cases and are untouched.

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