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Hoarding (Extreme Cleaning)

We bring order to a difficult and sensitive situation

When you call us, you can expect an honest, realistic approach paired with skills that can only come from special training and a decade of fighting the hoarding war.

Don't be embarrassed if you find yourself, a family member, or a friend dealing with a hoarding situation. Compulsive hoarding is a complex anxiety disorder that can make it difficult for someone to part with or discard possessions, regardless of value.

Unfortunately, a home that has been affected by hoarding can be both unhealthy and dangerous. Dramatic action is needed to address the problem and help a person start the road to recovery. This requires experts who can navigate the issues, as well as people who treat the customer like family — and that's what we do.

Understanding the Hoarding Situation

Have you ever seen the hit TV show Hoarders? ServiceMaster Rapid Response is an extreme cleaning company qualified to resolve hoarding situations, both large and small. The first step is picking up the phone and contacting us; one of our experts will create a customized plan for you.

Our services include:

  • Help locate lost jewelry, hidden money and/or other valuable items
  • Remove debris
  • Odor mitigation
  • Assist in distributing kept items to family members (local and national)
  • Facilitate paperwork required by government agencies, lawyers and trusts

We have developed a thorough, proven process to assist individuals in cleaning out their homes and moving forward with a clutter-free lifestyle.

For hoarding and estate cleanup in Kansas, call ServiceMaster Rapid Response today.

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