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If there was ever an industry that required highly-detailed, extremely particular cleanings, it would be the healthcare industry. ServiceMaster Clean has been specializing in clean for over 60 years, offering services that go above and beyond the standard care of cleaning. Created in compliance with CDC, JCAHO and HIPAA regulatory standards, the ServiceMaster Clean training series ensures our staff is able to properly provide specialized cleaning services customized to your healthcare facility.

ServiceMaster Rapid Response's in-depth healthcare training includes:

  • Infection control, detailing universal precautions
  • Safety and security regulatory compliance, with a focus on blood-borne pathogens
  • Common problem areas as identified by healthcare professionals
  • Special cleaning procedures for exam rooms, nurses' stations and utility rooms
  • Quality assurance
Experience matters! Our expertise has led to the development of superior cleaning methods, including our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® system. Capture and Removal Cleaning combines advanced equipment and microfiber technologies to dramatically decrease airborne dust, VOCs (vaporous chemicals) and bacteria, resulting in a healthier setting for staff and patients that's also better for the environment.

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